Pre-workout supplements are extremely popular and have been for many years among Fitness experts, Athletes and everyday gym rats alike. When it comes to a good Pre-Workout supplement everyone has their prescription for the perfect pre-workout supplement that works best.  I can also probably safely say this is most likely the first or second time that you will hear about how adding a CBD supplement into your pre-workout can really help you #LEVELUP your fitness or athletic status.


If you are reading this I will assume that you have heard enough about CBD that you know where it comes from and that you understand that CBD is legal in the U.S. as long as it has under .3% THC content in it, which all CBD derived from Industrial Hemp does and that’s what I’m talking about anytime I mention “CBD” on this blog or anywhere on this website.

CBD can be incorporated into your pre-workout routine in numerous ways including putting CBD oil under the tongue, using water soluble CBD in water or in your favorite amino acid drink, using a CBD salve or lotion for a localized application, it can also be vaped which is the quickest route into your system (Understandably vape isn’t going to be the most popular way to consume CBD in the fitness niche, but my opinion is that it will gain more popularity in the coming years), etc. If you are not currently using CBD I suggest you start slow and ramp up your dosage until you find what works for you, while no chance of overdosing it’s always safer to start slow and listen to your body.

Below is a short list of 3 of the benefits of adding CBD to pre-workout regimens.

1) CBD for Increasing your Threshold for Pain

Anyone who’s put in work at the gym or any sport knows that when that pain, inflammation sets in, it can shut you down fast.  The onset of these symptoms can really distract you from getting a good workout and sometimes the pain can stop your workout altogether. CBD works with your body’s natural Endocannabinoid system to reduce if not eliminate those symptoms so that you can get the best workout possible workout in.

2) CBD for Anti-Catabolism

One thing a lot of athletes and fitness experts seem to forget is that once you build new muscle you have to maintain it which is often a reason for the infamous “PLATEAU”, you begin losing the muscle you have as fast as your gaining new muscle from your workouts, so new muscle is replacing old muscle and you’re getting nowhere- “PLATEAU”.  Consistently training and eating right is a difficult enough task without having to worry about losing all your gains if you take few days off. Incorporating CBD into your pre-workout routine can reduce or eliminate the effects of catabolism or muscle breakdown.

Let’s not jump to conclusions or get lazy here you still need to work out and train your body for your respective craft, but CBD will slow down catabolism or muscle wasting.

3) CBD for Energy

For most people, when thinking of anything related to cannabis they think of “Laziness” which is completely warranted when you think about the fact that prohibition has been going on since the 1930’s, I get it I grew up learning that cannabis is the “DEVIL” like everyone else haha.  Thankfully, I learned the truth in my quest for a more holistic life (I use Holistic lightly).


After years of using supplements and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent with to be honest no major differences, I started wondering if what I’m being sold is really what I’m taking, especially after seeing documentaries like BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER some years back, or if I’m spending all this money on junk fillers.

[Full Disclosure] That was about 6 years ago and I know the supplement industry in a lot of respects has come a long way since then.

Ok back to the ENERGY part:

CBD has been shown in testing to be able to increase energy levels and focus along with boosting your mood.  One reason for this is thought to be because CBD increases levels of Anandamide which regulates two very important chemical receptors, namely the serotonin and dopamine receptors in this case.

OK OK… so I know I said 3 benefits in the headline, but this 4th one has helped me and so many others so much I decided I can’t leave it out.

4) CBD for Sleep

So, we all know that one of the most important parts of recovery and muscle building is sleep.  Without proper amounts of sleep, the body fails to recover properly, which can not only drastically reduce the effectiveness of continual training, but also increase risk of injury during workouts.

CBD or Cannabidiol in lower doses can promote energy and focus, but incrementally increasing the dosage before bed until you find your sweet spot dosage can promote in my opinion “The best sleep of your life”.  Research has been shown that it can dramatically reduce insomnia and sleep related behaviours associated with Rapid eye movement.

I’ll be honest CBD has changed my sleep and recovery game!

Final Thoughts:

While this is just a short list of how CBD as a pre-workout supplement can help you next level your training/workout routine, as more research is done I’m confident we will learn a lot more benefits of this natural product that is derived from this powerful plant that we have been taught our whole lives is so bad for us…it’s not! So, my challenge to you is to find more trusted sources and do your research.

My guess is over the next five years this will become a staple in most people’s training routines, so knows the time to learn more and get the jump on your competition.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have and we’ll do our best to help you out.  Thanks for taking your time to read this and I hope it shed some light on the benefits of CBD.  KEEP HUSTLIN!

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As always none of this information has been approved by the FDA nor am I a medical professional.  None of this information is meant to replace what your medical professional tells you and you should always check with your Doctor before starting any new supplement.  Safety First!

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